Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've been a busy boy

Such is the life of a chef during the holiday season. Although to be fair not all my time has been filled with work. I have had my own share of holiday events and celebrations that I've been attending as a guest instead of as the caterer.

Still, the holidays offer so much to talk about on the subjects of food & fitness, I feel bad for neglecting the blog.
Bad blogger, Patrick, bad blogger!!

I know many of us are concerned about the effect the holiday season has on our waistlines. All the celebrations, all the wonderful seasonal foods and worst of all is that most of us are running around with too much to do. When we have to "grab something quick" is when we tend to make the worst dietary choices. While home cooked dinners and party food may seem especially fattening, it's more often than not the fast food, convenience food and chain restaurants that account for most of the excess baggage we wish we weren't carrying around.

So during this hectic season, try to start your day with a healthy breakfast, try to keep good food around for the times when you have to grab a quick bite and above all enjoy the holidays. Savor the flavors of the season at holiday events and don't beat yourself up about it. While it's good to pay attention to how you eat between Thaksgiving and New Year; it's much more important to eat wisely between New Year and Thanksgiving.

Once the season calms down I'll have more to say and more pictures to post. I'm just barely getting started here after all. Until then, I hope you are enjoying the season, eating well and feeling great.

For now here is a sweet image for your holidays, Trophy Cupcakes' Candied Yam variety.


  1. We've been trying to set a healthier holiday table for some years ago. Switching mashed yams for the mashed potato/candied yam combo is one, but also making sure we don't gorge ourselves at the "big day" meals as well. That's not to say you can't treat yourself, but it is possible to enjoy the holiday season without stuffing yourself so much you waddle for the next 2 days!

  2. I find myself pushing savory over sweet. There are too many sweets. (I'm just as guilty, I made a huge batch of cookies the other day. But I also made a huge batch of smoked turkey soup with a ton of garlic and all the usual vegetables. I liked the flavor of the smoked turkey in the soup so much [I was afraid I wouldn't], I actually added some liquid smoke to the soup to enhance it. It was fantastic! :-)